Since 1998, WellExpert has been the leading installer  of custom Window Well Covers throughout the Chicago - Milwaukee - Madison
South Bend - Indianapolis area

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South Bend - Indianapolis

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WellExpert has a low price guarantee. Find a lower price on a comparable cover even after you book your job with us and we’ll refund the difference.


50,000 satisfied customers can’t be wrong – WellExpert is #1 when it comes to custom window well covers in the Chicago – Milwaukee – Madison – South Bend – Indianapolis area.

WellExpert was founded with the goal of providing a one stop shop for the safety and enhancement of
window wells. While WellExpert does not take credit for the origination of on-site widnow window well
fabrication, we do take credit for perfecting it. Our heavy duty polycarbonate window well covers are
built with features and benefits that far out perform any of our competitors.

WellExpert is the only window well manufacturer that fabricate for any size or shape of well – even if
the competition says “no”. We have the experience to fabricate a perfect fitting cover for each and every
window well – because no two window well covers are alike.

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What you can count on from a WellExpert custom window well cover in Chicago – Milwaukee – Madison – South Bend – Indianapolis is protection and security.
Protection from rain, snow, dirt and debris, animals and rodents entering your well and causing smell,
damage and flooding. Security against burglars, break-ins and vandals. Plus, a window well cover adds to
the overall appearanceof your home and provides extra “curb appeal” especially if you’re trying to sell your home.

Since our start we have installed thousands of custom window well covers throughout the Chicago – Milwaukee – Madison
South Bend – Indianapolis area and have shipped out hundreds across North American via our template program. At WellExpert we pride ourself on quality products and great service. We have worked hard to continually improved our
installation procedure, construction methods and product quality.

WellExpert covers offer the best value because we are constantly integrating innovative features and materials. Our computerized scheduling and estimation system enables us to provide an accurate, over-the-phone quote and be on site usually in under one week to install your window well covers in the Chicago area.

Get your window wells covered once and for all!