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Window Well Covers

Frequenty Asked Questions


What Are Your Covers Made Of?

The construction of our custom window well covers includes a surface material made from Lexan, a nearly indestructible translucent polycarbonite material.  The support structure is made from anodized aluminum angle iron and features a double main support.

What Advantages Do WellExpert Covers Offer?

Our custom-made window well covers offer several advantages. First, they help keep your well clean and dry by keeping out rain, snow, dirt and debris. Next, they keep your well safe by protecting children, adults, pets and wild animals from accidentally falling in. Last, but not least, they keep your home secure by protecting against window well break-ins.

Are Your Custom Well Covers Expensive?

No, in most cases, customers are surprised to find just how affordable custom made, lifetime warranted covers can be. Even the best store-bought covers (which are a vastly inferior product) are not much less expensive, especially when you consider the fact that it will take several hours of your time to construct them. With one simple phone call, we can have you fully equipped with high quality, lifetime warranted covers in just a few days.

Do Your Well Covers Attach To The House?

No, our custom-made window well covers rest on the top lip of your well with the main support flush along the wall. Our covers are not attached to the wall in any way because the cover must fully release from the well in the case of an egress emergency. This is in compliance with the IRC (International Residential Code) as it pertains to window wells.

What Do You Do When Window Is Higher Than My Well?

In a small percentage of window wells, the top of the window itself can extend higher than the top of the window well liner. In this case we can still make a custom window well cover, but we will also have to add an extension piece to the cover. The extension is attached to the well cover main support rail and either rises vertically or extends horizontally to cover the gap created between the window and the cover.

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How Long Does It Take To Install Well Covers?

At WellExpert, we have a perfected our methods of scheduling and our efficient on-site construction to allow us to complete most well cover installations within just a few days after an order is placed. Depending on the number of window well covers, we can usually complete the fabrication and installation of your covers in about an hour or two.

Do I Need To Be Home When You Come?

No, you don’t need to be home when we come to install your custom window well covers.  In fact, over 90% of the time our customers are not at home.  We do not need to get inside your home for any reason.  We do all of our work from outside the home and fabricate your window well covers right inside our specially designed work trucks.  We will need access to any fenced in spaces and we will also need to plug into an electrical outlet on the outside of your home.