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Window Well Scenes

Frequently Asked Questions


Can you install a well scene into any window well?

We can install a well scene into most any window well that has a metal well liner (which is 98% of all wells). We can even install a well scene into some concrete/masonry wells (depending on the size and shape).

Can you install any size scene into my wells?

Window well scenes come in 2 different sizes, 120”x60” and 100”x60”. Your WellExpert consultant will recommend which size is best for your wells. We will trim the scene so it fits your well perfectly.

Do the well scenes hold up well in our climate?

The well scenes are made with the very durable material styrene which is a type of vinyl. As long as you have proper well covers on your wells, the scenes hold up great and last for many years to come. We’ve heard from clients that had their well scenes installed 20 years ago and they still look new.