Since 1998, WellExpert has been the leading installer  of custom Window Well Covers throughout the Chicago - Milwaukee - Madison
South Bend - Indianapolis area

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– Did you know –

Over the years, WellExpert has developed several innovations in the design of “built-on-site” custom made window well covers.

Well Expert has been building high quality custom made window well covers for over 20 years, since 1998.

From the time we built our first cover we have always thought about new ways to improve our product.

For example:

– We were the first to incorporate a “double main support with extruded aluminum” in our covers for additional strength and support. None of our competitors have copied this feature. They don’t have to buying power to have the mold made in an affordable way like WellExpert can.

– We were also the first to develop a safer locking system that releases much quicker. It’s called the SmartLock System and it has become the preferred system for built on site window well covers.

Here is a summary of all of our superior construction features:

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When it comes to window well covers, no one can deliver you the quality and experience of WellExpert.