– Did you know –

Window wells can be locked down for security with
our SmartLock quck release locking option.

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Chicago’s Custom Cover Company

For any window well type, shape or size WellExpert can
build a high quality, durable, attractive well cover.

WellExpert has been building high quality custom covers for nearly 20 years. From the time we built our first cover we began asking ourselves, what can we do to improve our product?

Over the years, WellExpert has incorporated several innovations in the design of our “built on site”
custom made window well covers. That’s why when it comes to window well covers know one can
deliver you the quality and experience of WellExpert.

From small metal window wells to large concrete window wells and everything in between.

Protect your family and your home with premium custom made window well covers from WellExpert

Allows 98% of the natural light in
Made with UV Stable Lexan
Eliminate Potentail Hazards
Protect Children and Pets
Holds up to 850 lbs of weight
Keep out Rain, Snow, Debris, and Animals
Eliminate the Need for Constant Cleaning
Prevent Well Flooding
Energy Efficient

WellExpert’s promise

– the highest quality window well covers

– the lowest price

– quick turnaround

– highly professional service

– Manufacturers Warrantee, 10 Years

Here is a list of our window well cover construction features that most of our competitors have attempted to copy.

Double Main Supprt

Our exclusive extruded aluminum main support is the backbone of our cover. It runs left to right flush along the building and gives the cover it primary strength.

Anodized Aluminum

Annodizing is a process whereby aluminum is treated with a special clear surface coating which further protects it from discoloration and corrosion.

Stainless Steel Clips

Our heavy duty stainless steel clips are used with the clip down method of attaching the cover to the well. These clips are positioned around the parimeter of the cover and push over the lip of the well.

Extra Wide Cross Supports

Our window well covers are constructed using extra wide aluminum cross supports for increased strenght. Each leg of these cross supports is a full 1.25 inches wide to match the width of our main support. This simply makes our cover stronger and more durable.

SmartLock Quick Release Locking System

Our smart lock window well locking system allows you to lock the window well cover down from inside for added security. It prevents anyone from removing the cover from the outside the home while still allowing you to open the covers from inside.

Polycarbonate Surface Material

The surface material we use is a virtually indistructable polycarbonte called LEXAN. Lexan was developed by GE and is used in almost every major industry on earth.

Heavy Duty Rivets

Our window well covers are fastened together with heavy duty aluminum rivets. Unlike nuts and bolts which can come loose, our rivets give the covers higher strength and a more finished appearance.