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Window well grates can prevent fall in accidents, but you need overlays for complete protection from the elements

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You may already have window well grates on top of your wells that were installed by the original builder. Some builders do this as a safety precaution or because of a village building requirement. While window well grates will prevent accidental fall-ins and keep large animals out, they do not offer protection against rain, snow, dirt, debris and small rodents. Therefore, many homeowners choose to install a polycarbonate sheet over the grate which is commonly known as an Window Well Overlay. Our Window Well Overlay product is measured to size and built on-site for a perfect fit. By using your existing window well grate we reduce the of amount of framing used as compared to our standard window well covers and thereby reduce the cost. The finished Overlay Cover is either riveted to the existing grate or held in place with our SmartLock window well locking system. Call us today for more information and pricing.

Open Grate

Grate with Overlay