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Mice and frogs are the two most common
critters that find there way into window wells.

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Window Well Risers

Well Risers are intended to increase the height of your window well.
The two situations in which this option should be considered are the following:
1 – the window well is not at least two inches above the landscape grade
2 – the basement window extends higher than the top edge of the window well

There are two types of well extensions that can be installed: Metal and Polycarbonate. We only use the polycarbonate material Lexan when installing a well riser. Metal well risers often do not properly fit the existing well liner and do not hold up very well over time. That’s why we only use a polycarbonate material when installing a well riser.

Polycarbonate Well Risers

Polycarbonate well risers are built with the same durable and flexible material that we use to make our well covers. The riser wraps around the inside of the well and is securely attached to the well liner with heavy duty aluminum rivets. We then apply silicone sealant to the riser so it seals to the well. These well risers look and work great and just like our covers, can be custom fit to any size or shape window well.